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The firm can claim a history extending back some 200 years and in the 19th Century it was associated with the Marshall and Piggott families in Ely. Ownership of the firm over the years has not been dominated by one family and has created a dynamic approach to the historical and commercial development of the business.

Our best known ancestor was the late Mr. George Martin Hall. His home and office were located in a building which was the twin of Archer House and which stood on the site of the present Tesco Home and Wear Store. The site was demolished with the intention to develop it into a cinema but World War Two brought the project to a halt.

The firm's offices were in a purpose built block at the rear in Bray's Lane, where we remained until our move to 8 High Street in 1965. Mr. Hall (or Lawyer Hall as he was called locally) was by all accounts an imposing figure.

He reportedly adopted a rather Dickensian style of dress and behaviour but appears to have been a very good Solicitor. He was Registrar of Ely County Court, H.M. Coroner for the Ely District, Clerk to Parsons Charity and was closely involved with many official local bodies which now are absorbed into Local Government and the Welfare State. He took his nephew Mr. A.K. Campbell into partnership with him, presumably to be his successor, but the two allegedly never really got on. Mr. Campbell is remembered as being a very popular man with local people and a keen supporter of local football in particular. Sadly he died a premature death.

The firm then became Hall and Harris and then Hall Harris and Ennion. The late Mr. Edgar Ennion introduced his son Captain T.R.E. Ennion to run the Ely Office, only to lose him when he was killed during the battle which resulted in the fall of Singapore to the Japanese Army.

In the early 1940's our own Mr. Charles Young joined the firm and it became Hall, Ennion & Young.

In 1956 Hall, Ennion & Young had consulting rooms in Station Road, Haddenham and a part-time office at York House, Littleport. Subsequently the Haddenham connection ceased and Littleport developed into a full-time office with its own resident partner.

Ennions (originally Bye and Ennion) at Soham (and Burwell) was an associated firm run as an entirely separate business. Ennions of Newmarket was completely separate.

There was a merger of the various businesses into one practice in the late 1970's, although the existing practice names were retained. Some years later there was a de-merger of the Newmarket office which eventually passed into different ownership.

The firm's association with the Ennion family continued until the Autumn of 1994 when our former partner Col. Jack Ennion died. Jack was a very popular and respected public figure in both Soham and Newmarket and his death was a considerable loss to the community and our firm.

Mr Young retired from practice in October 2001. The firm was run by John Aspinall between the years 2001-2013. The firm incorporated in 2015 and is currently managed by Karl Irons and Briony Levell. We now have offices in Ely and Downham Market. The nature of the business is that of a general legal practice providing legal services to the local population and businesses; a role which it has maintained throughout its long history.

In 2015 we moved our offices from our old premises at 8 High Street, Ely, CB7 4JY  to modern offices at 53 Market Street, Ely, CB7 4LR. 
At the same time we incorporated to HEY Solicitors Ltd.

In 2017 we were excited to launch a new office at 27/29 Bridge Street, Downham Market, PE38 9DW hiring local staff and serving the local community. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we had to close the office in March 2020.  Unfortunately due to the uncertainty of ongoing restrictions/rules and the timing of our Lease Break, the decision was made not to reopen this office again.  However, we still serve and assist our Downham Market clients at our Ely Office.


The firm can claim a history extending back some 200 years...


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